{ ;黒 — “You’ve got a point.”

"When he blushes, you can tell he’s thinking dirty things. Rin might not be out forth with it but… I think he’s a bit kinky. Hell, even if Nanase tapped that, I we could get him to forget about that and Nanase in a quick second I mean… look at me us.”

        Swim? he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed.

"Have you seen that guy’s teeth?  He’s got to be into some pretty kinky stuff.  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised at all, but I have to say it’s kind of exciting.  Then again, why bother with Nanase or Rin at all when I have you and you have me?  We’re quadruple the amount of sex appeal either of those two will ever have in their entire lives."  True; he’ll be bedridden for weeks.  What a shame.



If he wasn’t speechless before, he certainly is now.
    He stands frozen, shocked into stillness.
    Wh- Sousuke! Quit joking around like that, asshole!
    Grabbing a pillow from his bunk, Rin tosses it at Sousuke.
    He does want that touching privilege, though.

Blessed with skilled reflexes, he catches the pillow and pulls it to his chest,
wrapping his arms around it without so much a care and he smirks.
"Who says I’m joking?" he answers, expression coy as he adds the pillow
to his ever-growing pillow collection; you snooze, you lose, Captain Pervert.



{ ♆ } ;; —

      ' Desole, monsieur, it’s hard not to be when I’m around you. You’re such a down to earth man, so honest. It’s truly a blessing.

      A harrowing tale of two lovers destined to be together, but with so many things standing in their way, will they truly end up together?

      ' Oh, stop that, you’re going to make me blush, Sou. I can’t imagine myself appearing in your dreams. But it most certainly needs proving, so I encourage it. Whatever that may be, anyway.

"Oh, please, my little dumpling, I will not allow you to win
this contest of flattery so easily.  Perhaps, your compliments
could strike a little closer to the truth.”

Please stay tuned for the season finale;
it is guaranteed to shock its viewers
with the startling twist!

"Why, you’re my wonderful wife.  How can I not dream
of your supple thighs and your kissable lips?
Am I a bad man if I dream of doing terrible things?”


       | ☊ | — “If you’re looking at it in a simpleton’s perspective then I suppose you’re allowed to take it as you want.” The teen shrugged it off, “Although, I’m not the type to sit back and let something that bothers me roam free. So please, for the safety of others, mask that thing.” A smug smile as Kei  waved a hand as if he’s shooing the other off.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  You might want to get your vision checked out, Glasses; I’d be worried if I were you," he provokes out of habit if anything.  This blonde kid is pretty nasty, huh?  Sousuke briefly wonders what Rin would think of this little punk - well, not so little.  After all, this punk is three centimeters taller than him.  How irritating.  "You’re never going to get a girlfriend with that attitude."



     ”Perfectly—- thank you.

      Doesn’t he know that there are rules to sharing a bunk ( even if it was 
           only temporary )? Laying beside them with wet clothing was a clear
           enough violation, though it’s already been dealt with. Lid cover 
           drowsy eyes, though he speaks nonchalantly as if he’d never 
           complained at all.

     ”Were you running out in the rain or something.
                                   That’s an idiot’s move, y’know?

      It’s said both out of worry and to mock, but that was their relationship,
           after all. Even if he was an idiot, he was a warm idiot.

"You’re welcome," he muses, expression mirthful
as he hums nothing particular, head resting on the mattress,
but he reaches for the other’s wrist and pulls him into his arms.
Obviously, Rin has no choice in the matter; they’re going to snuggle.
He indulges in their shared body heat as he rests his chin atop his head.
"You don’t catch a cold from the rain, Rin; that’s an old wives’ tale.
Besides, you’re really comfortable and I get to have the bottom bunk.
Everybody wins.”



  Sentiment behind the given words fell short of sincere.
  Rin knew that facade too well not to be able to read
  between the lines. Bottling everything up just to keep
  any sort of conflict at bay…ignoring the emotions that
  palpitated so eagerly through your bloodstream—
  all for what? Saving yourself the pain? The shark knew
  it wasn’t wise, and he ached to tell Sousuke to just man up
  and spit it out…but he wouldn’t. He couldn’t.

  “You say that…in  yet somehow there’s a distance.
   Something you’re hiding, but I won’t press. If you won’t
   tell me, I can’t force you. Just know…it will eat you alive if
   you let it.

  Tossing over, his arms would tuck around his pillow; drawling it
  close to the curve of his muscled body. Nose pressed to the familiar
  fabric, breathing in the scent of his own shampoo and the vaguest
  hint of chlorine, ruby tinctures would slip closed, trying to stave the
  dull throb of confusion in his head.


Apathy is a state he reverts back to as his norm,
as his safety place, as his headspace where he culls
the details of reality from within the peace of his mind.
He can’t show his weakness: not to Rin, not to himself.
Refused that privilege, he forces himself to remain placid
despite the sea that wages war inside of his headspace.
He’ll never tell.  Won’t.  Can’t.  Shouldn’t.  Wouldn’t dare.

"You talk as if you’ve experienced it.  Being devoured.
Still, maybe just once, I want my thoughts to devour me.”

He’s not sure what he means by those words, but he’s not free.
Ambition stands in his way, but this is the path he’s chosen.
It’s not a path he’s going to abandon; he’s following
his yellow brick road no matter where it takes him.
No matter how lonely it may be.



   ”Haaaah? You think I’m abusing privilege?!”
Perhaps he was. He was captain now, after all!
He could make his team do whatever he saw 
fit that benefited the team! And doing extra laps
would do just that! He crossed his arms, and at
his block from the pillow when was it a pillow tho
not that it matters lmao pillow is better
When he began to chide him about his height some
more, Rin took said pillow and aimed for his head
this time, “I’m taller than your elbow damnit!” and
this time, he dove, pushing him back onto the bunk
and crawling over him with a grin, before lifting the pillow
to aim for his head once more to beat him up. Prime seats!
                        This so isn’t gay, amirite?
                      “I’m tall enough, baaaaaka!”

"Definitely an abuse of privilege," he re-confirms, lips curled into an all-knowing smirk.  "I’m going to tell the previous captain on you."  Of course he’s only teasing as he always is, but when the other suddenly straddles him in order to beat him with the most intimidating and bulkiest of pillows, suddenly, he’s not so sure what he’s doing.  Breath caught in his throat, he halts for just the slightest of moments only to regain his composure.  This isn’t anything new - this is just like when they were kids, right?  Breathe, Sousuke, breathe.  Technically, he could overpower the other and change their positions, but he decides he quite likes the view.  ”How tall are you anyway, Captain?  Are you even five feet?”