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[ so, i’m currently on chapter six of bravely default and the game is absorbing my life.  i’ve maxed out all the jobs except for conjurer and vampire and i’m having a difficult time focusing on drafts with this damn game in the way.  so, i’m putting suga and sousuke on semi-hiatus until i beat the entire thing.  i’m giving myself three days tops - maybe less, but i promise i’ll be more diligent at getting drafts done once i destroy this game once and for all.  please pray that i do not pick up ringabel as another muse. ]

Skype Shenanigans || Sou & Rin

  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: SOUSUKE.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: IM GETTING MARRIED.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: ...
  • Pervert Whaleshark: TO WHO?
  • Pervert Whaleshark: NANASE!?
  • Pervert Whaleshark: NO.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: I FORBID IT.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: ...... It's not Haru.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: WHO IS IT.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Why? Tch.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: TELL ME NOW.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Give me a reason.
  • A damn good one.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: I'm jealous.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: .................
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: You should be.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: I'm gonna be spending a lot of time inside her.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: …Excuse me?
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Yeah.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: /Her/?
  • Pervert Whaleshark: Name.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: /Now/.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Mnnn.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: ;turns away.
  • → R i n ← 『 ĸиαιғu 』 --: Her name's Gym. Gym Nasium.
  • Pervert Whaleshark: ...
  • Pervert Whaleshark: Are you an idiot.



         Well aren’t you glad to see I’m not? Can you even leave campus to take me out to dinner and stuff?? …You’re just like my brother in a lot of fields, y’know. 

Do you think your brother’ll get mad at me if I skip practice to take you out to dinner?  He won’t be that mad, right?  Don’t worry about me; I’m going to make it up to you, remember?  Nothing will stand in the way of my promise.

tale as old as time


     Rin watched his fiance’s thin lips mold around the ridges of his fingers, his eyes soft. It never got tiring, all of those light kisses Sousuke gave him. They made him feel so loved, so appreciated. What did often grow tiring was the teasing nicknames his betrothed called him. He huffed, but relaxed into the arm that held him and allowed himself to be led inside, where he found relief from the hot sun.

     "I did," the prince responded with a small smile, a hint excitement in his voice. "Only briefly." Regardless of how short the visit with the merman was, it was always nice to see him, to speak with him. He could learn so much about the unfamiliar world beneath the ocean and its inhabitants, especially Haru - the one he was most interested in. It was astounding and wonderful; Rin still could not believe how mermaid tales had come to depict them as cruel killers. The one Rin knew had saved his life, without even expecting something in return. He’d done it because he was kind.

     "I’d like a warm bath," he said as they made their way through the wide, beautiful halls and up to the floor where his own bathroom and bedroom were. Then, he was back to the topic that rarely left his mind. "Haru is reserved, but he’s very kind. He has a real fondness for the water he lives in. Although… he seems to have quite an interest in our world as well. It’s a shame he doesn’t have proper legs," he said with a glance in Sousuke’s direction, a smile still plastered to his face. "Then I could show him around my palace."

     Rin pulled Sousuke into the large bathroom along with him. He could have had a servant running his bath, but he sometimes found it easier to simply do it himself. Leaving Sousuke’s side, he crossed the room to the luxurious bath and began to run the water. It was large enough to fit a few people at once and was set into beautiful marble tile. Rin enjoyed his baths, and he preferred to make them as comfortable as possible. After dimming the light, he turned to begin lighting candles around the tub. He added a drop of scented oil to his water, inhaling the calming scent of lavender.

If it’s one thing Sousuke is talented at, it’s reigning in his emotions.  With practiced calmness, he watches his beloved prepare his bath, but even with all the endurance in the world, he can’t keep his apathy forever.  Jealousy pricks him over and over like an aggravated dagger and he feels /wounded/.  Perhaps, it’s only fair that he should be the one to chase Rin.  After all, he doesn’t even know if his fiancé feels the same as he does.  Their love is pre-destined, arranged by forced fate; he’s not naïve to the truth.  And the truth leaves a bitter taste in his mouth, but it’s just the blood from his bitten cheek.  Heavily with his heart, he sighs as he runs his fingers through his hair.  He doesn’t matter; it’s always been Rin anyway.

"It’s a damn shame indeed."  He doesn’t remember when he’s become so talented at lying, but it’s becoming easier to disguise his truth.  And after all, if his prince should learn who he really is, he would undoubtedly leave him because his inner demons are determined to swallow him whole.  At that moment, envy evolves into a terrifying behemoth that promises that merman shall never set foot in his domain.  Not while he breathes.

But his princeling’s smile disarms him and he’s at a loss.  He doesn’t know what to do with himself, but his hands hold the answer as he wraps his arms around the other’s waist from behind.  Without warning, he buries his nose into the crook of the prince’s shoulder and he inhales deeply, the scent reminiscent of the salty sea and he sighs, breath hot against the nape of the neck.  "Do you love me, Rin?" It’s a question that takes himself by surprise, but he needs to know.  Fingers begin to unbutton the other’s shirt as he leaves the tiniest of kisses against the soft expanse of the other’s throat until he bites hard enough to leave a lasting bruise.  His free hand curls around the prince’s throat like he’s going to squeeze the life from him and Sousuke’s eyes darken, but he doesn’t crush the prince’s throat at all.  Instead, he releases him with a surrendering smile.

"Shall I join you in the bath?"